Evolution. The Origin of Species

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Evolution. The Origin of Species
Другие фото Evolution. The Origin of Species
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Описание Evolution. The Origin of Species

84 cards (ENG)

30 tokens

2 dice

Game rules (ENG, GER, FRA)

Evolution is the game based on the theory of Charles Darwin but in this game you take on the role of Creator: create your own animal, make it evolve, hunt, survive… Our game, and this isn't a joke, can be used as a biology lesson for schools, though adults enjoy it as well. This game will appeal to both people who enjoy casual board games (30 min to learn the rules is more than enough) and to hardcore players who plan complex strategies to win.

The game offers players to create different species of animals with their own abilities while fighting to control the one important resource – food. By regulating the population of your creatures, obtaining new useful abilities and fighting off opponents, you must survive till the end of the game and stand at the head of the food chain.

At the beginning all players receive 6 cards; you can call a creature into being using the cards or place an ability on an already created one, for example make it Huge or Poisonous.

The game is turn based and each turn is divided into separate phases:

- first players create animals and apply abilities on them;

- then with the help of dice the amount of food at the food bank is determined for the current round;

- players turn-by-turn take food counters from the food bank to feed their creatures: some need only one, while others  may require more depending on their abilities to satisfy their hunger;

- animals that are left to starve become extinct, but the ones that survived grant their player more cards to create new creatures and new abilities.

Once the deck is empty everyone counts the points. Points are awarded for each creature that survived and for each ability on survivors. The winner is the one who creates the most balanced ecosystem.

“Evolution” is great family game, a game for parties and a fun way of learning the basic concepts of the evolution of all living organisms on Earth.

The First Creature appeared on land. The Second followed. The First ate grass, The Second became a predator. The First camouflaged itself, The Second developed keen eyesight. The First escaped by water – The Predator learned to swim. The First hid in a burrow, the Second had to eat roots. More and more animals appeared on Earth and food was becoming in short supply… The eternal struggle between predator and prey for survival – survival of the fittest – this is Evolution.

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