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Zombie! Run for You Lives!
​Boo!You and your friends are suddenly surrounded by hordes of very aggressive zombies. But do not fret, we have some good news – one of you will definitely get out alive. How can you become that lucky person? It’s very simple!
Цена: 570 рублей
Shinobi. War of Clans.
​t the turn of the XVI century in Japan both the Emperor and the shogun lost the control under the country. It was the very time for pushful and ambitious daimios to subdue islands. It was the very time for strong warriors to demonstrate their boldness and great warlords to show their art. It was the time when cunning secret agents decided a battle of the clans.
Цена: 570 рублей
Japanese Castle. 3D construction kit.
Japanese castle is a three-dimensional meccano and a competition of skill and accuracy. Laconic fascination of traditional Japanese architecture, ancient European card-building passion and a native Russian talent of constructing magnificent edifices without any nail are united in this game.
Цена: 940 рублей
The Kingdoms of Crusaders
Knights of Europe are heading for Jerusalem to take back the Holy Land. After many grueling battles and countless sieges Palestine is captured, with Jerusalem taken by Godfrey of Bouillon. The crusaders build their castles on the Holy Land and create new states. But victory didn't bring an end to the war.0Wwith the Muslims pushed back, inner conflict arises. Who will be the one to rule the new kingdom of Christianity?
Цена: 590 рублей
The Kingdoms of Crusaders. Ordonanse expansion.
​The expansion Ordonnance gives players new possibilities. The Kingdoms of Crusaders core set was a game for only two players, now you can have up to four players. The game also has new cards that allow building stronger troops, changing troops on a certain territory, moving your own, or destroying enemy forces.
Цена: 590 рублей
The Enigma of Leonardo
Three seekers are bent over the table. Before them lye sketches and drawings of the Great Da Vinci. The seekers are trying to figure out the secrets behind them. They realize that the secret is hidden in the correct placement of the drawings. One of the seekers moves a sketch with a flower and the symbols suddenly form a pattern.
Цена: 530 рублей
The Enigma of Leonardo. Quintis Fontis.
​QF is a specialized version of The Enigma of Leonardo designed for hardcore players, for those, that considered the core version too simple. Designed for those players, that enjoy strategic planning and quick thinking.
Цена: 670 рублей
Founders of the Empire
Three hundred years before the Common Era, the shores of the Mediterranean Sea are inhabited by dozens of peoples, but only one of these nations is destined to found a great civilization that will spread from Egypt to Britannia. Take up the reigns of rule in your hands and prove that you are the only one worthy to unite half the world under your banner!
Цена: 1 090 рублей
Kings under Mountains
Long ago the underground workers, dwarves, found teeming treasures of gold and jewels in Misty mountains. Giants descended from their beyond the clouds height when they’ve heard about resources hidden in the depth, and orcs and goblins moved in – no one wanted to stay aside partition of the undermountain treasures. Most productive mines quickly became sites of battles. Prisoners were turned into slave minors forced to dig further under vigilant surveillance of greedy kings under the mountains.
Цена: 830 рублей
Evolution. The Origin of Species
The First Creature appeared on land. The Second followed. The First ate grass, The Second became a predator. The First camouflaged itself, The Second developed keen eyesight. The First escaped by water – The Predator learned to swim. The First hid in a burrow, the Second had to eat roots. More and more animals appeared on Earth and food was becoming in short supply… The eternal struggle between predator and prey for survival – survival of the fittest – this is Evolution.
Цена: 1 090 рублей
Evolution. Random mutations
Evolution. Random Mutations is a new board game of the Evolution popular scientific game family dedicated to life development on the Earth. The original Evolution is well-known among Russian board game fans. Players try to save and increase their populations of animals by giving them traits, useful for survival. Random Mutations has the same aim but the way of reaching it differs. Firstly, players develop the whole species, not the separated creatures. Secondly, as it can be seen in the game name, getting new traits for the species is random. Due to these changes the scientific authenticity has increased: players don’t point the evolution by their own way and only decide which species are doomed to extinct and which are worthy of further development.
Цена: 1 090 рублей
Evolution. Continents
Continents is the second expansion to the educational board game Evolution. The expansion contains 42 cards with eight new traits, 3 special continent cards, 6 territory divider cards, a die, extra food tokens and game rules. You will need the basic Evolution deck to play. Continents can also be combined with the first expansion – “Time to fly”.
Цена: 710 рублей
Swords and Bagpipes (Мечи и Волынки)
Swords and Bagpipes - английская версия игры "За Шотландию". Теперь от 2 до 6 предводителей кланов смогут вести свои отряды в бой и копить золото в замках. Из нововведений - карты "Деревни", жетон "Оставайся дома!", варианты правил "Шотландский оркестр", "Предсказуемое возмездие".
Цена: 1 600 рублей
Evolution. Plantarum
3rd expansion allows you to play Evolution in the conditions of ever-changing plant life. Plants are food for animals, but sometimes become their deadly foes. The plants evolve and "invent" toxins and thorns, while animals develop antidotes and specialized feeding organs. Animals and plants develop symbiotic links with each other - as well as with organisms of another kingdom - mushrooms.
Цена: 970 рублей
Evolution. Herbs and Mushrooms
Evolution. Herbs and Mushrooms is the fourth expansion of Evolution. The Origin of Species the board game and perhaps it’s the most unexpected and fun one!
Цена: 970 рублей
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На Краудрепаблике началась кампания по игре "Среди звёзд". Постройте крутую космическую станцию из деталей, которые вы сможете собрать в жёсткой конкуренции с другими игроками. ​ https://crowdrepublic.ru/project/1021639/Sredi-zvyozd


Таблут (хнефатафл) - несимметричная игра для двоих сильных умом викингов. Умение играть в нее ценилось наравне с воинской доблестью и поэтическим даром. Можно считать ее средневековой ролевой игрой - ведь участники выступают в роли дружинников и разбойников с противоположными целями. Оваре (манкала) - древнейшая игра первобытных людей. Кто первый стал раскладывать камушки по ямкам, выкопанным в земле? Дети, шаманы, охотники? За миллион лет манкала дала начало десяткам логических игр, особенно популярных в Африке - колыбели цивилизации.


Сборник рассказов, заявленный в кампании "Эволюция. Трава и грибы" на Краудрепаблике, наконец поступил в продажу. В нем - смешные и грустные, страшные и философские новеллы о жизни флоры и фауны. Много иллюстраций в сказочном стиле.


Шикарные и стильные Башня "Лавкрафтианский ужас" и Дайстрей "Знак Старших Богов" добавят атмосферности вашим настолкам по ппроизведениям Лавкрафта.


После успешного завершения кампании на КраудРепаблике в продажу поступили не только "Трава и грибы" и "Биология для начинающих", но и многочисленные сопутствующие товары. Кубик "Беги, Ёжик, беги", разные органайзеры и Знак "Борца с травой".