Evolution. Continents

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Evolution. Continents
Другие фото Evolution. Continents
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Описание Evolution. Continents

42 cards (ENG)

3 territory cards

4 territory dividers

24 tokens

1 die

Game rules (ENG, GER, FRA, ITA)

In Evolution each player controls his own population of animals by giving them useful traits to survive. The player whose population at the end of the game will be the biggest and most advanced wins the game. The base game contains almost a hundred special cards each of which has a trait for the animals – there are 17 different traits in total. The expansion Continents adds 8 new traits and a completely new element – dividing the game zone into two continents and the ocean.

When a player adds a new animal to his population he decides on which continent that animal is going to live – Laurasia or Gondwana – and plays it either above or below the special territory divider card. If an animal becomes “Swimming” it is immediately moved to the ocean (to the right of the divider). Each territory has an independent food bank: in Laurasia there is usually less food, in Gondwana there’s usually more (though it all depends on the dice roll), the amount of food in the ocean is stable and remains the same each turn. Also animal traits work only in the territory they are located: a carnivore from Gondwana cannot attack an animal in the ocean or share a pairwise trait with someone in Laurasia. But there are some new traits (and also “flight” from the “Time to fly” expansion) that can allow animals to migrate from one continent to another and swimming animals can also migrate to the ocean.

Migration — allows the players animals to move between territories.
Neoplasm —a cruel parasite that “turns off” one of the animals traits each turn eventually brining its death.
Suckerfish —allows the animal to move with a migrating animal (even if the animal belongs to another player).
Regeneration — if an animal with this trait was eaten by a carnivore it is revived at the end of the turn with all its traits.
Recombination — allows to animals to swap traits.
Herding — an animal with this trait cannot be attacked if the territory contains an equal or higher amount of herding animals than carnivores.
Cnydocytes — “turns off” all the traits of a carnivore that ate an animal with this trait.
Aedificator — increases the food base on a territory.
To play “Evolution” with the expansion simply shuffle all the trait cards from the base game and “Continents”, give each player a divider and place the territories on the game table to place food tokens on them. If you are playing with two or three people we recommend to place about half the deck back in the box so the game plays quicker.

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