Japanese Castle. 3D construction kit.

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Japanese Castle. 3D construction kit.
Другие фото Japanese Castle. 3D construction kit.
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Описание Japanese Castle. 3D construction kit.

Japanese castle is a three-dimensional meccano and a competition of skill and accuracy. Laconic fascination of traditional Japanese architecture, ancient European card-building passion and a native Russian talent of constructing magnificent edifices without any nail are united in this game. 
The game concept is familiar to everyone who built a card castle at least once: vertical piers are leaned together and horizontal cards are placed at their top becoming a base for the new floor, and it continues till there are no cards left or one clumsy movement ruins all the construction. Specifically standard cards called heki which are used only for walls there are some other building elements: gamen screens (twice bigger than heki) and yanegae overlaps with the special fixed stops for heki. Vertical cards stay at their places because of it so castle levels can be built as a tower one right above another, not only like a pyramid. Yanegae cards are of two sizes – small ones with the space for one leaned pair of heki (this construction is called karigoya) and big for two pairs which can be placed transversely to each other as well as parallel. The last variety of big yanegae with two perpendicular pairs is called antei and works as the basic unit for the most of constructions.
Rules offer many varieties of the game - both solo and  2-4 players. There can be up to 8 players but two game kits must be used.. Solo gameplay is simple – you need to build a castle as high as possible. There are no strict rules – you can use any element conditionally to your imagination. Competing versions usually offer to build a tower of exact height in a pelter or make the most solid building – in this case players jolt the table trying to ruin opponent’s castle and not to damage own. An especially amusing version requires you to take your castle and move it ot another table while keeping it in one piece, of course. Besides this dexterity gameplay, other versions resembles a Jenga-style game with removing cards from a heap and a few karigoya and then moving the cards below without toppling the building.
Building castles with special elements is easier than with common cards but still the same interesting. Japanese castle can even be built by a child. Nevertheless, nobody suggests playing it in the after-party morning.
The game differs favorably from the common cards by design – building elements show off the authentical Japanese pictures and interiors from the rich collection of the “Yugen” antiques gallery. Japanese castle will give you hours of creativity and excitement and maybe can become a first step to a high-altitude card building champion title for someone. Theoretically 5 Japanese castle game sets will be enough to build an eight-meter tower—the last registered record doesn’t reach this high but people should keep trying to reach that math limit and beyond!
Game set contents:
102 wall cards
12 screen card
36 ceiling cards
Game rules

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