Kings under Mountains

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Kings under Mountains
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Описание Kings under Mountains

Long ago the underground workers, dwarves, found teeming treasures of gold and jewels in Misty mountains. Giants descended from their beyond the clouds height when they’ve heard about resources hidden in the depth, and orcs and goblins moved in – no one wanted to stay aside partition of the undermountain treasures. Most productive mines quickly became sites of battles. Prisoners were turned into slave minors forced to dig further under vigilant surveillance of greedy kings under the mountains.
“Kings Under Mountains” is a fantasy board game in which players occupy the most productive mines and bring slave workers in. Each player represents one of the races: orcs, goblins, dwarves and giants. Each card is double sided: there is a detachment of one of races with its power from 0 to 9 at the face side and a mine with its value, defence and size at the back, so each card can be played as a mine or a squad.
Players begin with 6 cards at their hands and 4 mines should be placed in the middle of the table and 4 cards with detachment side up as a miners camp to let players acquire squads during the game. Cards from the camp or from hand are used only as squads. If the players occupies the mine he moves the acquired mine card from the center of the table to his personal game zone.
At the beginning of turn player needs to use one squad from his hand, then draw a card. The squad is always placed at the mine – to nobody’s (it’s possible to occupy one at this stage) or to his own to send workers to any of owned mines. There is a strict rule of placing squads: if there are already any cards at the mine it’s possible to play a stronger squad. The only exception – card with 9 strength can be beaten by zero card.
There are also two ways to draw cards – upper ones from the pile or from the camp.
Anyone can play cards at nobody’s mines. When the number of stack at the mine is equal to its defence (1 to 3), mine becomes occupied by the race whose card was last at the stack. The king of the race moves  all the cards to the camp and gets the mine. So its possible to leave the mine to the opponent, not only to get it yourself – if the mine needs lots of resources and brings only few victory points.
Only the owner can move the squads to his occupied mines. Usually he can’t use his own squads – only other races can become slave miners. When the stack becomes equal to the mine depth, it is considered as developed and the stack discards. Still some mines need an overseer from players own squads played above all the slaves.
The game ends with the last card drawn from the pile. All the mines bring any points to their owners – developed ones are counted as positive and underworked as negative. The king with the most points wins.

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