The Kingdoms of Crusaders. Ordonanse expansion.

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The Kingdoms of Crusaders. Ordonanse expansion.
Другие фото The Kingdoms of Crusaders. Ordonanse expansion.
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Описание The Kingdoms of Crusaders. Ordonanse expansion.

The expansion Ordonnance gives players new possibilities. The Kingdoms of Crusaders core set was a game for only two players, now you can have up to four players. The game also has new cards that allow building stronger troops, changing troops on a certain territory, moving your own, or destroying enemy forces.

For more players to participate in play, the expansion contains an extra set of the core cards and two extra “location lines”. In the core game you needed to dominate more locations than your opponent; with the increase in players, the winner is decided by points. Unit strength of each player is compared at each location and points are awarded. To make it easier, the set contains special cards that show the amount of points in a location.

The winner will be the one to earn the most points throughout all locations. It’s still important to build a strong army but the strategic part f the game has changed compared to the core set. It’s not enough to concentrate all your forces in 2-3 locations: it may be more rewarding to equally spread your units. Now, when placing your troops, you’ll need to keep track of more than one opponent – the game has changed, becoming harder but more interesting. The Kingdoms of Crusaders Ordonnance cards

Not only does the Ordonnance expansion contain extra cards that allow more players to join in the fun, but it also has completely new card types.

First of all there are new unit cards with two symbols on them. These cards allow players to amass highly strong armies. While having the same allowed amount of units in a location these cards allow you to make an army that contain five or even six identical symbols. 

But that’s not all: the expansion contains cards that can change the allowed limit of cards, this gives the opportunity to play up to five unit cards or limit the amount of cards to three.
These cards are called “Kingdom cards”. “Kingdom cards” when played to a location, effect the armies of all players at that location.

Cards of this type not only change the card limit of a location, but can drastically change the balance of forces by cancelling a unit type, for example “Knights” and “Bows”. With this, some symbols won’t be brought into account when calculating the army strength, so even a strong army may suddenly become useless.

Another new card type that appears in the expansion is “ordonance cards”. With the help of these cards, players can draw extra cards from the deck, swap units at their locations and even destroy their opponents units. 

As you can see, the new cards have a very big impact on the game. The odds can change at any given moment but don’t worry, it’s all quite simple and there won’t be any chaos in your game. Most “ordonance” and “kingdom” cards can only be played on an “open location”, meaning that they will effect only those locations, where it’s still possible to play unit cards. A player may try to protect himself by making a “full” location.

This way the new The Kingdoms of Crusaders opens up new challenges to players, making it more difficult. Now you’ll need to think twice and keep an eye on the playing field while planning your winning strategy.

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